Top 6 Master Bathroom Trends For 2018

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Top 6 Master Bathroom Trends For 2018

Imagine walking into your favorite spa. You’re wearing a heated bathrobe, listening to your favorite meditative music, orchids abound and your outdoor shower is not only digitally programmed for your ideal temperature, but you’re surrounded by a beautiful garden, waterfall and all.

Now imagine this spa is located in your home and you now have the ability to enjoy this slice of heaven each and every day. We’re here to tell you the master bath/spa is not only possible, it’s the latest trend in master bathroom design.

Not sure where to begin? Here are the latest trends in master bath/spa design.

  1. Bathtub be gone. You got it, bathtubs are no longer a necessity and are being removed more commonly than being installed. For the large space they occupy, they are rarely used compared with showers.
  2. Outdoor shower anyone? We love the outdoors, why not bathe there? We live in an area with warm weather and sunshine so it’s no surprise that homeowners are taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the weather. Showers are now built with the option of being indoors or with an outdoor access.
  3. Let there be light. Whether you’re looking for recessed lighting or elaborate chandeliers, light fixture options are endless and often the focal point of a room.
  4. It’s all about the glass. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, glass walls make the room appear much larger and more open than traditional walls. Also, now that you’ve installed brilliant lighting, glass walls allow the light to travel to the entire room, not simply a small segment.
  5. High-tech toilet. Toilets can now do much more than flushing alone. Not only do toilets now come with seat warmers, automatic lid openers, and automatic slow-close features, but they also have adjustable air-dryers and built-in deodorizers. Believe it or not, toilets also now have the option of a wireless music player that automatically plays when the lid is raised.
  6. Heated robes and towels. Florida or not, if you prefer a warm towel and/or robe after a hot shower, there are now customized heating drawers that can be installed under a counter-top.

As spas become increasingly popular, more and more people want the same pampered feeling in the comfort of their home. We all know life is about the experience, therefore, whatever you would like that experience to be, we can help you create the master bath/spa of your dreams. Your first on-site meeting is FREE, Contact Us to fix an appointment.


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