The Ultimate Checklist For Designing Your Own Home

  • The Ultimate Checklist - What Every House Needs

The Ultimate Checklist For Designing Your Own Home

Kudos to you for choosing to design your own home and creating a space unique to your and your family. Just as building a home has many stages and elements, designing a home also has a process and task list. Creating a bulletin board on Pinterest may be helpful, but there are many more details to consider beforehand.

To make the process as simple & enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a checklist of the items necessary to design your home.

  1. Survey of the property. We not only need to make sure it’s possible to fit your house on the desired property, but we personally visit your property to make sure all you want it achievable.
  2. The scope of work. We want to know the basics; how many bedrooms, number of bathrooms, sizes of rooms, etc.
    Architectural styles preference. From Spanish to Mediterranean and French Country, we want to know what you like.
    Your budget. We want to build a home to fit all of your needs, finances included. Most people have great ideas and want to build a massive home, but cannot afford all ideas. By knowing your budget from the start, we can work with you to maximize your needs and meet your budget.
  3. Homeowners Association guidelines. If you are moving into a development with their own HOA, you may have to choose from a pallet of exterior colors, custom style of home, etc. We can do this, we simply need to know ahead of time.
  4. Deadlines and timeframes. Typically, it takes about 3 months to design and draft a set of house plans. After you have approved the plans for your home, we apply for a permit, then it’s about a month before you can actually break ground.
  5. Builder / Contractor preference. If you have a builder in mind, the sooner we know, the better. Some builders can have up to a 2-year wait list before they’re ready to build.

The process is streamlined and runs efficiently when organized from the beginning. While this list provides a base to start from, feel free to contact us with any questions, or for your FREE on-site evaluation.


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