Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing Your Own Home

Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing Your Own Home

Building a home in Florida? Here’s how to save money by designing it yourself. Find out why it’s more cost effective to design it yourself. Your family is unlike any other, so it’s no secret you want your home to be unlike any other as well. Your home should fit your lifestyle and visa verse. To begin the home building process, most people “assume” the first step is to hire an architect, but is it necessary? Absolutely not.

The biggest misconception regarding the custom home process is that architects are the only individuals qualified to build a home. Most people simply aren’t familiar with a drafting and design firm. A quality drafting firm can design every element of your home just as an architect.

Below, we have summarized a few of the major benefits of using a drafting company:

  1. You hold the creative license. From magazine cutouts to napkin sketches, if you know the elements and details you want in your home, a quality drafting and design firm are for you. They design your ideal home by piecing together your wants and needs, then interject the building code and standards where necessary.
  2. A design firm is cost-efficient. The design and drafting firm designs the house with you. Meaning, they are simply giving walls and structure to the vision of the homeowner.
  3. With a drafting firm, there is no ego. You pay only for the set of drawings, not 2-3 times the cost of the well-known architect.
  4. When you work with an architect, they design your home for you believing their idea is the best idea, when in actuality, your idea is the best idea.
  5. Many people often believe they can purchase their house plans online. While you may believe it’s a way to save money, online house plans rarely work as they are are generic house plans built around the “norm”, not engineered for local building codes. Drafting and design firms draw your plans for your exact location and are also familiar with local ordinances, homeowners associations, etc.

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