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201, 2018

Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing Your Own Home

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Building a home in Florida? Here’s how to save money by designing it yourself. Find out why it’s more cost effective to design it yourself. Your family is unlike any other, so it’s no secret you want your home to be unlike any other as well. Your home should fit your lifestyle and visa verse. To begin the home building process, most people “assume” the first step is to hire an architect, but is it necessary? Absolutely not. The biggest misconception regarding the custom home process is that architects are the only individuals qualified to build a home. Most people simply aren’t familiar with a drafting and design firm. A quality drafting firm can design every element of your home just as an architect…

2612, 2017

5 Creative Ideas For The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

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We live in Florida. We crave the beautiful sunshine, yet the most common areas of our home are surrounded by 4 walls, have a roof overhead and rest on none other than a concrete slab. Whether you’re looking to expand your kitchen or living area, you’re truly missing out if you’re not considering an outdoor living space. Not only is it possible to create your own space outdoors, but it’s much more cost effective than adding a full addition and the possibilities of what you can do with the space are truly endless…

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