8 Reasons To Hire A Contractor For Your Dream Home

  • Hire A Contractor For Your Dream Home

8 Reasons To Hire A Contractor For Your Dream Home

We all think we can do anything ourselves. We can accomplish any task if we simply put our mind to it. Even the Army reminds us to, “Be all you can be.” However, when it comes to the owner organizing the home building process, that statement does not always apply.

  1. Always trust a professional when it comes to building anything you intend on keeping the rest of your life. All homes are NOT created equal and no matter how much money you think you’re going to save, it is nowhere near the cost of having to build another one or make a costly repair.
  2. Most people feel they can save up to 30% by contracting subs directly, however, most Contractors have multiple projects with the same subcontractor and typically provide a group discount on all products and services.
  3. Contractors know numbers. They can actually save you money as they know how much the cost “should” be, while you may not.
  4. Permitting. If you have ever been to the permitting office, you know there’s a certain code of conduct, a certain lingo, and a definite protocol of what to do and what not to do. This alone could cost you if you don’t know how to handle the process and when to schedule inspections.
  5. Time to build. With a builder, a standard home will take about 6-9 months to build. Managing the process on your own could take at least 1.5 times as long, or more.
  6. Inspections. Contractors and builders know inspections and they know how to handle them. Whether the inspection passes or fails, the builder knows exactly how to manage the process. Also, re-inspections can come with a hefty price tag.
  7. Warranties and Guarantees. When you use a builder, they provide a blanket guarantee. If any part of that home does not turn out as intended or fails inspection, they guarantee the work, no matter which subcontractor they used. For example. If your windows leak a year after building your home, the builder will fix them as the work is guaranteed with them directly. If you went to the subcontractor directly, and a year from now the subcontractor is out of business… your guarantee is null and void.
  8. Your home should be the priority. When a homeowner contacts a subcontractor for a single project, the subcontractor will work for you until something better comes along. If the sub is called by a large builder while working on your project, often times they will leave as they cannot risk not being hired again by the builder.

Without question, hiring a Contractor/builder to manage the process of building your home is the best money you’ll ever spend. If you have questions, need recommendations, or simply want additional information, please contact us directly.


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