5 Creative Ideas For The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

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5 Creative Ideas For The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

We live in Florida. We crave the beautiful sunshine, yet the most common areas of our home are surrounded by 4 walls, have a roof overhead and rest on none other than a concrete slab. Whether you’re looking to expand your kitchen or living area, you’re truly missing out if you’re not considering an outdoor living space.

Not only is it possible to create your own space outdoors, but it’s much more cost effective than adding a full addition and the possibilities of what you can do with the space are truly endless.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Become your favorite restaurant: Whether you want to cook on a grill, bake a pizza in your stone oven or build an area around your Green Egg, we can create a grilling area that could compete with Bobby Flay himself.
  2. Host the ultimate Superbowl party: Host the ultimate Superbowl party with outdoor plasma televisions, surround sound, cornhole tournaments, buffet table, full outdoor bar, and kegerator.
  3. Stay-cation every weekend: We all know you deserve to relax and have a break. Why not have one every weekend? Think of the outdoor elements that make your favorite resort feel like a vacation. Why not add those elements to your home? Whether you want to add a bar to your swimming pool, a fire pit with outdoor furniture, or an outdoor gaming area, you may be able to create your own family resort for the same price as one standard vacation. Combine that with an outdoor air conditioning unit, and your outdoor sta-cation can be utilized year round.
  4. Create the ultimate Florida lifestyle: Lost are the days of watching television indoors. Enjoy your favorite television shows lying on your outdoor couch with your air curtains blowing in the Florida breeze, ceiling fans and A/C units ensure you to utilize this space all year long.
  5. Live without limits: We love creating this space perfectly for you and your lifestyle. We have designed outdoor fireplaces, coy ponds, pools, hot tub areas, dining areas and can easily add 1000 square feet to your home.

Most people want additional square footage, yet underutilize their outdoor living area as they are unaware of the potential it holds and the options available. Whether you’re looking to increase the square footage for personal use or to differentiate your home to list on the market, an outdoor living area provides the most cost-effective solution to your needs.


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